Early Therapy Saves Lives

With the increasing rate of drug overdoses throughout Utah, the best treatment for addiction and substance abuse is to seek out professional help as early as possible. Our therapists provide teen addiction counseling in person at our Salt Lake City or Park City locations, and online anywhere in the state of Utah.

Getting help immediately could be the key to saving your child’s life. Trying to tell yourself that your child’s addition isn’t as severe as other people have it could be a dangerous choice to make. We offer addiction counseling for teens and their families throughout Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County.

You love your child. But trying to get them the help they need can cause stress and defense mechanisms that make it challenging to work through addiction treatments. Our professionals will guide you and your family through the steps necessary, so that your teen and family can heal.

Address Underlying Issues Impacting Drug Addiction

 Today’s teens have a lot of challenges that impact them on a level that previous generations may not have experienced. Social media, bullying, and crime are just a few examples of stressors that can cause anxiety and depression at a young age.

Many teens find relief and comfort through substances such as alcohol and drugs. Because it offers them a brief respite away from whatever issues they may be struggling with, substance abuse can easily develop at an extremely rapid pace.

The addiction therapists and counselors at The Dell Center for Therapy help teens and their families uncover the root causes that are contributing to substance abuse. Only then can addicted teens find a successful way through recovery and avoid relapse back into drug use or alcoholism.

Emotional Support for Families Impacted by Addiction

 Addiction is something that affects your entire family. When it’s a teen, there are multi-faceted layers of issues that families have to work through. From communication to support between parents and teens, addiction is usually the “tipping point” that brings Utah families to our practice for help.

The truth is, your teen isn’t the only one who needs support to get through addiction recovery, siblings and parents may as well. Our Salt Lake City and Park City therapists are specialized in teen addiction counseling services. We offer the resources necessary to get your family through this rough patch and on the road to recovery.

 Online Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling for Teens

Are you a teen who is addicted to drugs or alcohol? Receive confidential counseling and support with a licensed therapist to get the help you deserve. We offer online, internet-based counseling services for teens and their families, so that it’s possible to access therapy for addiction without ever leaving your Utah home. Teens can receive private counseling in a confidential manner, with a trusted and trained addiction specialist.

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Our innovative, natural approach has helped many teens develop new ways of understanding themselves and their environment to better cope with the stress of adolescence.

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There are over 20 overdose  deaths a month in Utah, and most of those victims are under the age of 25.

Drug use is definitely on the rise, and as you can see in the image on the right, the drugs that are growing fastest in Utah are opiates, like heroin, which can be highly addictive after a few uses.

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