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Relationships counseling

All relationships – whether between two people or within a larger group – have some degree of conflict and we have developed counseling services to help. Sometimes these problems can seem so difficult that it seems impossible for people to address themselves. At The Dell Center in Park City, our primary objective is to create a customized treatment plan that helps everyone involved manage that conflict in a way that keeps the relationships moving in the right direction.

Relationship counseling is a process in which counseling  services take place among a single person or many people in an effort to identify, enhance manage or resolve, difficult differences and repetitive patterns of strain/trauma  upon a relationship. The relationship seeking counseling could be among members of a family or a couple, friends, employee or employer in a workplace, business partners or between a professional and a client.

At The Dell Center, we provide a range of  counseling services to those who are suffering pain in this very important part of their lives. We provide psychotherapy to people who have problems among their family members, romantic partners and friends. Additionally, we provide counseling to clients seeking tools that helps them connect with others in deeper and more satisfying methods. We provide a safe space to talk about all characteristics of your relationships. Our primary objective is to help you become the family member, partner, work colleague, employer, employee or friend you want to be. We provide therapy services for the following types of relationships:

-Couples counseling

-Marriage counseling

-Family counseling

-Teen issues

-polyamorous relationships

-same-sex relationships

-Empty nesters

-Affair or adultery help

-Counselling for separating or divorcing couples

-Pre-martial counseling


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