One of the most common problems occurring in families throughout Park City, Utah and Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is that of  substance abuse in teens.

Whether it’s prescription medication, illegal drugs, alcohol, or something else, substance abuse can be damaging to your entire family…not to mention cost your son or daughter their life.

When the tension is too much, you’re likely struggling with where to turn. You love your teen, and maybe they already know they have a problem, but finding the cause and the solution just seem like a foreign concept.

It’s best to get help before waiting until it’s too late.

Teen Substance Abuse Help in Summit County, Utah and Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Our licensed therapists and counselors are available to meet with your family confidentially to discuss types of substance abuse help and counseling. In many cases, it’s instinctual to think that the cause of the substance abuse is something that it’s not. Whether it’s family dynamics, school stressors, or peers, finding ways to help your teen cope with their stress and sense of worth is an important part of overcoming substance abuse. It could be something as simple as a self-coping mechanism due to undiagnosed depression, low self-esteem, or panic attacks.


How to Get Help for Your Teen

We recommend calling The Dell Center for Therapy as soon as you suspect that there may be a problem with substance abuse. Even if you want to visit with us without your child first, we can answer some of the questions and address the concerns that you have. From there, we’ll work with you and your teen to help them achieve the happy, fulfilled life that you know they deserve.

The Dell Center for Therapy offers in-person and online counseling for teens and families throughout Utah, the greater Salt Lake City area, Florida, and Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens area. Get the help you deserve; call us today.