We live a 24/7 lifestyle. From your projects due at work to getting your children off to school with their homework done on time, there are thousands of different stressors surrounding us at any given moment. Figuring out how to reduce stress is paramount to ones happiness.

But too much stress can lead to burnout, loss of sleep, and even chronic illness. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to cut the extra stress out of your life.

Identify your stressors: Do you know what stresses you out? Is it when you’re planning for a trip out of town, encountering a particular family member, or have to work with a specific client? This is the first step to knowing how to better handle your anxiety!

Plan ahead: Is there a way to get out of this particular stressful situation? If not, plan out how you will deal with it, before it occurs.

Cut out unnecessary busy work: Most of us are “go, go, go,” but over time our body can try to tell us “no.” Try to delegate tasks or pass on volunteer opportunities that you just don’t have time to take on.

Get plenty of rest: Self-care is very important. Go to bed on time, so that you can wake up well rested. Be sure to pay attention to what you eat and try to get a bit of exercise (it helps stimulate those “feel good” hormones.)

Put down the caffeine: Stimulants like caffeine can just wind you up even more. If you can’t cut it out, cut it back.

If you’ve already done all of these things — and some — but the stress just won’t go away, you may find it beneficial to see an expert mental health counselor who can equip you to better handle the burdens being thrown your way. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a wonderful option. The Dell Center for Therapy offers stress counseling in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah, as well as online or over the phone. Schedule your consultation today!