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Life Coaching


We can help with practically any phase of an individual’s life

Whether it is in a personal or professional capacity. During the life coaching process, the hypothesis is that people are capable of creating their own solutions, while the practitioner provides a supportive and discovery-based structure. While confidence and optimistic reactions are characteristically the usual result of well-tailored coaching, the principal focus is on forming approaches for changing your life.

At The Dell Center for Therapy, we focus on your whole life as it relates to goal setting, outcome driven results and important changes.

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What is Life Coaching?

A life coach is someone who guides you through transitions to make successful changes in your life, whether they be based on relationships, attitudes, or even your personal profession.

Through an analytical approach to what obstacles and challenges you face, our Utah life coach can help you prepare for the changes that lay ahead and accomplish the goals before you.

Achieve Your Personal and Professional Best

 Your life coach will help you discover what personal goals are possible. As you express your dreams and vision, a realist yet objective professional can help you focus on what’s most important, so that you can maximize your quality of life, happiness, and overall level of contentment.

Perhaps you simply want to find more fulfillment in your life or reach a particular fitness goal. Life coaches aren’t just there to help you make changes in your career; we can also help our Park City or Salt Lake City therapy clients reach personal milestones that bring them joy and fulfillment in their private lives.

When is it Time to Get a Life Coach?

 Getting a life coach is particularly common when there are significant changes in your personal lifestyle or career. Reaching certain age milestones and seasons of your life can cause a person to reflect on what is most important to them, so that they can change things they don’t like or improve them so that their living situation is better in the future.

The truth is there is no “right” or “wrong” time to get a life coach, because everyone’s lives are on different paths. But if you feel like you want your life to be taking you elsewhere, talking to a therapist or experienced life coach is one of the best places to make those changes a reality.

 Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

If you’ve never seen a therapist or counselor in the past, you may be wondering how life coaching differs from traditional mental health support.

During private or online life coaching sessions, your personal coach helps you to take a proactive approach to finding what brings personal fulfillment in your life and create a plan to get you there.

Perhaps you’ve wanted to lose weight, become more optimistic, or simply overcome challenges like being shy. You know what it is you want, and our Utah life coach can help you achieve it. Whether it’s through a one-on-one counseling session or via online coaching through Skype, our personal life coach is the support system you need when it’s time to put that change into motion.

In-Person and Online Life Coaching in Utah

The Dell Center for Therapy offers traditional counseling sessions as well as online life coaching for our clients. We serve individuals in the Salt Lake City, Park City, and Provo as well as throughout Utah thanks to private video streaming technology.

If you’re a busy person (as most of us tend to be,) then online life coaching may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Book an initial appointment with our Utah life coach today to find out how we can help!


Many successful people have benefited from the use of a life coach.


Some signs that you may be in need of a life coach are:


Looking to change your profession


Need to improve your physical and mental health


Have a vision, but no clear plan on how to get there


Feeling lost


Poor time management skills


Desire to make more money


Your self-confidence is down


You easily get stressed out


Experience self-doubt


Periodic memory loss


Not good at following through


You delay tasks


Constantly complaining about the same problems


Not progressing in your career


Many relationship issues




Difficulty making any decisions


Lacking energy


Too many emotional feelings


You have no future plans


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