One of the most common questions that a marriage or relationship counselor can get is, “How long is this process going to take?” or “How Long Does Couples Counseling Typically Last?”

The truth is, nobody knows how long relationship counseling will take until it gets going. Every couple is different. When both partners are working toward a common goal, it makes the process as efficient as possible. Whether you only need to see a therapist for a couple of months or it lasts even longer, the investment you have made in creating a stronger bond with each other is one that can help you for years to come.

Sometimes, underlying issues come up in a session that will need to be worked through over the course of one or two more sessions. Other couples or families only need to have two or three sessions to work through things like fights, arguments, or boredom.

After a few sessions with your Utah relationship counselor, you will be able to have a good idea of what type of healing, growth, and reconciliation are starting to take place. Many couples think that they don’t need to see a therapist unless there have been problems like affairs or constant fighting. But even boredom or lack of intimacy are issues that you can work through and overcome by being proactive in the way they’re dealt with.

Working a counseling session into your schedule – just like about any other type of appointment – can be difficult for about everyone. After all, we all have jobs, children, or other commitments that we have to tend to. But making the investment in working on what matters to us most — like our relationships with the people we love — is a truly priceless investment.

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