When most of us are looking for a professional such as a doctor or realtor, we tend to ask our friends and coworkers. But trying to find a therapist or counselor in Utah may make some individuals feel a bit too uncomfortable to ask other people about.

That’s ok! If you’re trying to find the best therapist in Park City or Salt Lake City, here are a few things to look for:


Some types of Park City therapists specialize in specific things — such as rehabilitation, addictions, or marriage counseling — while others are experienced in diverse subject areas and able to address multiple tiers of behavioral or emotional needs.

Check to see if they have any online feedback and read through their credentials to discover what specific types of training they’ve had. If there are videos or blogs, browse through them to get a feel for how “they do things.”


A great therapist will listen and lead you through conversations about specific thought processes. You want one that “clicks” with you and understands where you’re coming from, and keeps the session homed in on the issues at hand (as well as uncovering underlying ones you may not have realized were that important.)


Even the very best counselor in Utah can’t help you if they’re unavailable all of the time. While a bit of your own personal flexibility will be necessary to book sessions around work or personal commitments, you also need a therapist with appointment times and a location that you can get to. Thanks to technology, many professional counselors are starting to offer teleconference and web chat sessions with their clients over the internet or by phone.

At The Dell Center for Therapy, we offer private sessions at our Park City practice, as well as in Salt Lake City and online. That’s right, we can meet you wherever you are! Call our experienced counselor to schedule or book your next appointment online today!