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Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Therapist

Social Anxiety Help in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah

Approximately 1 out of 10 Utah adults struggle with social anxiety disorder (social phobia.) While some individuals may be able to hide their struggles from the people they love, others experience physical symptoms such as nausea, blushing, or shaking. At times, you may even feel like it’s impossible to get through normal activities without breaking into a sweat or feeling as if you’re about to have a panic attack.

Fortunately, social anxiety disorder symptoms can be helped with the aid of cognitive behavioral therapy and the assistance of a good social anxiety therapist. At The Dell Center for Therapy in Summit County, Utah, our counselors understand the struggles and barriers that social anxiety cause our clients. We also work with individuals that suffer from generalized anxiety, anxiety attacks, phobias, and other mental health concerns.

Do I Need Social Anxiety Treatment?

Treating social anxiety isn’t always possible with a medication. Learning how to see things differently and process what’s around you can give you the power to work through social settings and find a happier, healthier way to live life. As licensed social anxiety therapists in Park City, Utah, it’s our goal to work closely with you to identify triggers and modify how you respond to them. If you’re finding it difficult or impossible to get through activities such as speaking to co-workers, attending parties around Salt Lake City with your friends, make trips to the grocery store, or other day-to-day social interactions, we’re here to help.

You may need to consult with a social anxiety therapist if you struggle with situations such as:

  • Feeling afraid or nervous when you’re in a group of other people
  • Finding yourself avoiding specific types of social situations because of how they make you feel
  • When your anxiety interferes with other activities that normally bring you enjoyment
  • Difficulty sleeping or eating, due to physical symptoms of elevated anxiety
  • Being unable to find other coping mechanisms (such as breathing, yoga, or meditation) that alleviate your symptoms

When it’s More Than Social Anxiety

Sometimes there’s more to social anxiety than what meets the eye. Your personal and family relationships may be affected as well. If it’s a teenager or child that’s suffering from the condition, it’s natural for the parents to want to help. Our social anxiety therapists in Park City and Salt Lake City work closely with couples, families, and teens to find a place of peace and healing for everyone involved.

When Coexisting Conditions Come into Play 

It’s not uncommon for individuals with social anxiety disorder to also have depression, or vice-versa. Often, a good Utah social anxiety therapist may need to work closely with you and your physician to find a balance of therapeutic and counseling techniques that work with your medication, to help you find the best combination of treatments.

We’ll Meet You Where You Are

Social anxiety isn’t restricted to certain types of settings. It might hit you at any time, even in a place where you feel close to the people around you. The Dell Center makes it easy for you to get social anxiety counseling, because we’ll meet you where you’re most comfortable. Do you have a favorite local coffee shop? Would you prefer to talk over a walk at a Salt Lake City park? Hike a Park City trail? Maybe you would rather have an online counseling session via Skype or FaceTime. Our Utah social anxiety counselors are happy to accommodate your preferences and comfort level.

As your psychotherapy progresses, it’s possible to work on exposure-based cognitive behavior therapy with the assistance of our therapist right alongside of you. Through role-playing, you can learn coping skills and survival mechanisms that make it possible to live in the world around you.

At The Dell Center, our compassionate social anxiety therapists work with you each step of the way to overcome your struggles. Schedule your first visit to our Park City office or online therapy session for social anxiety today. Call us now at 801-447-2666.


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