Would you know the signs, does your child seem different- teenage drug or alcohol addiction is more common than you think.  Did you know that every year more and more teens fall into the trap of addiction.  For example, 23 people die each month in Utah from an opiate overdose.  Most significantly, the largest portion of those deaths are teenagers.

In a recent Utah survey almost 20,000 teens confirmed that they use drugs or alcohol.  Does that number seem high?

In all likelihood, 20,000 is on the low side.  Could one of those teens be yours?  What should you be looking for?

Some of the classic signs of  teenage drug and alcohol addiction include:

  • even more irregular hours, like sleeping during the day
  • general lethargy and  a lack of appetite
  • a noticeable change of behavior, most likely increased irritability, and mood swings, and
  • an unkempt appearance

Right now you’re probably thinking oh my goodness, that’s my teenager.  One of the reasons that parent’s miss the signs is that irregular sleeping, mood swings, and general lethargy are common traits for most teenagers.  The difference however is the depth of the change and the more unnatural behavior.  It’s often times hard to monitor your teen as they assert their independence.

Our Approach – Teenage Drug and Alcohol Addiction

That’s why we are here to help.  Sometimes simply talking to a professional helps teens open up and communicate.  Our approach is open and friendly and often time the best sessions take place out of the office.  We’ve worked with lots of teenagers suffering from drug and alcohol addiction (and experimentation) over the years with great success. All communication is confidential.  Why not give us a call, and have an exploratory discussion about concerns you may have about your teenager, whether it’s drug and alcohol addiction related, or some other concern.

We know how difficult the teenage years can be, for both the teen and the parents, and we are here to help! Give us a call today.