Maybe you have noticed that your daughter or a close girlfriend isn’t looking as healthy as she used to. Or, you yourself have been working to lose weight and are starting to reach a point where you are still unhappy, but others say you are too thin. At what point does weight loss become anorexia? How can you know what the warning signs are? What are the warning signs of anorexia?

Dieting is very normal for most Americans. Anorexic tendencies are not. With a diet, you feel guilty about eating unhealthy foods or going for that larger portion. But an eating disorder is different; you may not be able to physically eat because of the severe anxiety that it causes you at meal time.

You may find that you…

…Stop eating in front of other people

…Find excuses to skip food or meals

…Eat extremely small portions

…Restrict your diet to only select foods (even cutting out some of your favorites)

…Obsess over food labels

…Use aids such as laxatives or products designed for weight loss

…Become a compulsive exerciser

…Feel defensive or moody

…Develop other psychological health concerns, such as self-harm, depression, becoming obsessed about your body image, social withdrawal, etc.

…Start abusing legal and illegal substances

Seeing your doctor can help you pin down a diagnosis. A thorough medical screening can help you monitor abnormal blood counts that are linked with malnutrition and measure things like your BMI. But medical care isn’t the only answer. Individuals with anorexia need emotional and behavioral support to address the causes and symptoms associated with their mental disorder. Behavioral therapy with a licensed utah counselor is an important step.

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